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If you are having trouble finding the button, you can see where it is by looking at the picture below: On the settings menu, you will see 3 options: Sound, Ignore Chat Messages and Chat Order.They are first mentioned by name in Chapter 325 and Episode 230.The various Cipher Pol cells are stationed throughout the world and investigate for the World Government.One group consists of Kaku, Blueno, Kalifa, and the leader, Lucci; this group was sent to Water 7 to retrieve the blueprints of the Ancient Weapon Pluton from Iceburg.The CP9 are based in Enies Lobby's Tower of Justice, where they act as the final guardians of the Gates of Justice.

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They supplement the Intelligence Branch of the World Government's Marine forces, but seem to operate more as a counter-insurgency agency that also has more general law enforcement duties.

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