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I moved back to New York from Cairo in January of 2014, and among the biggest culture shocks was American Tinder.

In Cairo, there was the occasional woman, mostly Russian tourists on holiday, using the mobile dating app; in New York, I met a torrent of instant flirtation.

Though this is a mostly safe place for kids, know that the overall experience revolves around collecting, buying, and trading items.

For escorts (and their backers), Tinder's anonymity and ease of use make it a natural fit.

Of all the dating sites, a photo-based app like Tinder is most like a billboard: it advertises only your best features, with no screen-space for blemishes.

There are small pieces of animal trivia scattered throughout the playground-like world, which kids can tap to get a quick animal fact, very brief facts on each loading screen, and a location in the game with a small library of animal videos (all of which are available elsewhere on the Internet for free), but none of it promotes learning in a meaningful way.

Also, kids sometimes scam each other through the trading mechanic, so while most of their interactions will be benign and fun, kids might learn that online interactions aren't always nice.

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