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As reporters and opposition researchers continue to dig into Trump’s past, they are likely to find more evidence that he harbors a negative or chauvinistic view toward women.Here are other examples—so far unreported or not widely noticed—to add to the list: I find women to be much more aggressive than men. Studies have shown that people favour those who are of normal weight, and that people caught up in an accident are far more likely to be rescued if they are of a normal weight than their underweight - or overweight - peers. Here, ESTHER WALKER explains what they discovered - and what it can teach us. But although the most fashionable silhouette in recent years has been an extremely slender one, its not one we necessarily find attractive.more - how else can you explain the popularity of models like Jordan or the sultry appeal of the cartoon figure Jessica Rabbit? There is little evolutionary evidence to suggest that breast size has anything to do with fertility or health.Studies into the ideal breast size are inconclusive, and the results vary according to personal taste and culture. Marilyn Monroe, the Venus de Milo, Sophia Loren, Scarlett Johansson - at different times, these women have all been considered among the most desirable on Earth. Translation: When his ad says 'rugby player's build' he doesn't mean Jonny Wilkinson, he really means Johnny Vegas DISCRETION EXPECTED I'm married and don't want my wife to know.INDEPENDENT Lying, cheating commitment-phobic scum.

A lot of similar things were said over and over for probably the first six months of our relationship.

In fact, many of the people that are in my company and that I hire are women.

I find women to be far more aggressive—and, sexually, far more aggressive—than men.

I think I didn’t confront him for so long because I really liked him otherwise.

I was also only 20 at the time and really wanted this relationship to work.

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A date would necessitate the removal of the roof and a whale sling. NOT INTO EMAIL TENNIS I need to secure a date as soon as possible, before you suss out what a tedious dullard I am. A woman's place is in the home and, more precisely, the kitchen - preferably cooking his meals and elbow deep in his dirty shirts. He'll order for you in a restaurant and pat you on the bottom and say 'don't you worry your pretty head about it' when you ask him about his day. Only to be pursued if you like men who moult all over your furniture. Speak slowly and clearly and always be within five minutes of a toilet.

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